Thursday, February 14, 2008

i love you

happy valentine's day

hope you all are having a wonderful day. to some this is the best holiday and others despise it. i myself don't really care. well - i'll admit - i love the pinks and reds and decorations...oh and the candy - but the extravagant gifts, flowers, etc. i can do without. this year chris and i are just exchanging cards (his is the one shown above :) i'm not really one for the hallmark cards filled with sentiments of undying sappy passion. i got this one at robot love) when he gets off work later. we're mushy with each other all year round :)

(i will shamefully admit to wishing i had hinted at flowers once the deliveries start rolling in at work. but the feeling only last a few hours...)


Vija said...

i love that card!!!

carrster said...

Nice! Happy Valentine's Day!