Tuesday, February 5, 2008


i urge you all to go and vote/caucus (depending on your state)!

a lot of people are fed up with the whole voting process - but you cannot make changes if you don't give it a go - so please please please DO!

if you live in MN you can go to this site and find your caucus location :)

(i write this in earnest partly becuase i want people to vote no matter what your prefence and partly out of selfishness for Clinton. a co-worker who is very very republican just told me she was going to vote for obama just to prevent clinton from winning! sigh....)


KeLL said...

Unfortunately, I can't. Logger will be in the house for 11 hours straight! I have to go straight home after work.

michelle said...

Understandable. I've never done this before but since I can I will.

At least you'll be able to vote in the big one :)