Thursday, February 7, 2008

also introducing..........



that's right ladies and gents - It's a Boy! :)

To Kelly:

seeing these pictures is just unreal to me. I know it should make it more real but...kelly - you are growing another human being inside of you! i just - wow. that is the most astounding and amazing process to me!
i know that you are going to be an absolutely fantastic mother! that little boy is going to have more scrapbooks dedicated to him than anyone i know! and i know you were kinda hoping for a girl (i think all woman kinda do) a boy is going to be fantastic - like molly said - they are extremely devoted to their mama's (and younger siblings - not that your thinking about more at this point in time :))
i'm really just so excited and happy and thrilled for you! always know that you have a strong circle of friends and family that are going to support you no matter what! Good times and stressful times - we'll be there for you! Need a nap? Pickles and Ice-Cream? Call me and I'll come over :)

I love ya with all my heart! :)


carrster said...

Congratulations, Kelly! It's one hell of a ride, that's for sure. :) (and seriously - listen to everyone when they say sleep as much as you can NOW!!!!) :)

KeLL said...

Thanks Michelle!
It's very strange to think I'm growing another human in me like a tomato in the garden.
I can't get over that there are two hearts beating inside of me.

Carrie: I'm taking your advice and sleeping, sleeping, sleeping. Maybe that's why women are so tired during their pregnancies. Because once the baby is born, they don't get to sleep. =)