Sunday, February 10, 2008

nap time!

yes - company is gone and it's now nap time!

that isn't to say that i didn't enjoy the company - i loved having megan and carter here (and nathan and mandy)! but like i said - i'm a champion late sleeper and chris and his sis are not. we had a good day though - got up early to meet nathan and mandy over in mpls for breakfast. (the place we ate - i found out the barista's make more than i do by almost an entire dollar - wtf?) after that we did a lil bit of shopping - bad idea when it is absolutely fucking cold! seriously - we walked less than a block and my face was in severe pain! ow! one of the places we stopped was robot love - where mandy works. i'm addicted to those darned zipper pulls and keychains. argh. i suppose there are worse things i could be addicted to though, right?

alright - sorry to cut this short but i'm very sleepy and my bed is calling me......

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