Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Lights Out!

*Sorry for the crappy images - I took them with my camera phone.


Last night we got an honest-to-god thunderstorm! Lightening, rain, thunder, wind and power outages - the whole shebang! I was curled up in my bed reading when it happened. Luckily Kristin was there and grabbed her flashlight and candles - I would have been clueless as to where they were. So we lit some candles and read for a bit. Then we decided to play cards - war - which she won in like fifteen minutes!! WTF? Why do I suck at games so much? It needs to end....

Anyhow. That was my night. Not having my camera present I used my camera phone to capture it all. The images are grainy but you get the point.

reading by candlelight

ghostly me in the window

bored me taking random self photo

moose - he fell asleep 1/2 under the bed. it was cute.

stupid kristin after beating me at war. who loses at war?! apparently that would be me...

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