Thursday, September 13, 2007

# 5



5th post

i just finished Day 7 - but as i had started uploading pictures for it a few days ago it published it in the order it was started in - so go back a few posts and you'll find it. it's long.

as for the rest of my thursday - the day of eight million posts. i went home shortly after the last blog. i was in severe pain. severe. i barely made it home and then just basically wanted to die. in all my years of suffering from severe cramps i have never ever felt such severe pain. i thought i might have to go the ER. it royally sucked. i finally managed to get to sleep though.

when i woke up i felt fantastic! i decided it would be a good idea to get in my exercise. i did the treadmill. i did sit-ups. i felt like dying again - not from cramps this time. just general nausea but still. as mentioned earlier common sense and i are not good buddies.

i feel okay now. and i accomplished most of what i wanted to despite brief encounter with death. i baked - it looks awful but tastes good. i blogged. all is good.

now i must rest.

goodnight :)

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K-dog said...

I'm so glad you finally felt better - and accomplished something productive at that! Go you!