Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lost and Stuffed '07 : Day 9

The Great Minnesota Get Together

We're Here!
The Minnesota State Fair! What better way to spend your first day home! Just what we needed - MORE FRIED FOOD! Wahoo!
Chris and I have been trying to get Megan (his sister) and her son (Carter) to come out and visit all summer - and they finally did! They arrived early that morning - well - 10 or so - but that's early when you just got back from vacation :) We got ready and headed out the door! After finding a shuttle stop we were off......
I am not a fan of the buses that bend in the middle.
NOT a fan.

Carter enjoyed the ride

After arriving we noticed the need for a stroller - Carter was happier pushing it rather than riding in it but it was all good :) What else is there to say? It was HOT and HUMID. If you know me at all you know that I don't do well in this kind of weather. It makes me crabby and contemplate how exactly women in the past survived wearing ALL that clothing. The smell.....ish. Than god for electric fans and air conditioning!

Carter in his blue ride


Of course we looked at the animals - what trip to the state fair is complete without it? We didn't get to spend too much time in the baby animal barn - it was just too packed. Carter had a good time - unfortunately not too many of my pictures turned out as every time I went to take one either he moved or the animal moved. Ah well

Carter attempts to steal the birds water

Carter is Thrilled! (I think he was getting pretty tuckered out at this point)

If you can't tell - this baby has no hair except a tiny mullet.
I just don't understand.....

Chris and Carter with a pig's ass (I'm not a gifted photographer - or tactful - sorry)


After the animals we got some Icee's - the only thing we could really get Carter to eat - and just wondered. Not for too long though. Carter was getting rather tired and Megan and I weren't feeling too hot. Chris was the only one feeling good and wanting to see more - but he was out voted (sorry Chris!) We headed home.....

You should have seen our faces before the picture was taken! Chris was attempting to get our hot and sour faces - but we ruined it and smiled.

One tired little man

Once home - we just vegged. I ended up falling asleep - in the most uncomfortable contorted position ever! Once up and ready again we headed out to have dinner with Nathan and Mandy (Chris and Megan's brother and sister in law) at this great little cafe called Shish. Everyone enjoyed their meal - I had this great tomato soup - it's strange - I used to hate tomato soup and within the past 6 months have grown to love it! Carter had chicken strips - luckily I caught him trying to eat one that he dropped on the floor and then drug back to him with his shoe! :)

After eating we headed back home - stopping to rent 'Blades of Glory'. Not great. Not horrible. Good movie to crochet too.

It was a fun day - even though I probably came off as complaining about it more than anything. It was just hard to be out and about right after returning home when all you want to do is roam around the house in your undies and do nothing. But I'm really glad Megan and Carter made it out! I'm hoping sometime in the near future Megan and I can have a girls night or something of the sort :) And Carter was just adorable! Even when we was tired and cranky and told me he didn't like me anymore - he's just so cute! :) (Seriously - is there a way to turn off the biological clock?)

Alright - so there ya go - Day 9!

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