Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Biggest Loser

no - not the TV show. anyone can lose weight when you have 24 hours a day in which to concentrate soley on that purpose - not to mention the personnal trainers at your side. but i digress....

here at work a group has started their own 'Biggest Loser' contest. each participant contributes $20 to the pot and then at the end (i guess the people who organized the contest actually watch the show becuase our contest will end the day the show ends) whoever has lost the largest percent of their body weight wins the pot! i'm in!

i'll take whatever motivation i can get! and seeing as how i just (this past thursday) starting working out again it should be fun! if you read my blog you've probably noticed that i've just started working out a lot - but this time i can feel it sticking. the weather has finally cooled off and i no longer sweat at the mere thought of the treadmill. plus i discovered a wonderous invention - the iPod.

chris has an iPod shuffle that he uses when working out and i never paid much attention to it until i started using the treadmill again. i love to (need to) workout to loud music and am not able to do that living in an apartment. now i can! he showed me how to upload music onto it and what not and then we went and bought a pair of normal headphones (i just cannot do those ear bud thingies) and now i'm set. i love it!

and i'm going to kick ass in this contest - not only could i stand to lose that weight but i could also use the extra cash :)

I'll mention it again - I have set up a private blog (Motivation for Movement) for those needing encouragement or a place to just share their experiences on the exercise/weight-loss(or gain) roller coaster. It seems to have been forgotten about as of late but it's been a busy summer. I - however - am going to start posting again and invite anyone who'd like to join me to do so! Just send me message and I'll send you the invite :)


KeLL said...

Go Michelle Go!!
I'll start posting again on the blog...as soon as work slows down..

michelle said...

Don't worry about it :)

I haven't had the energy to post either - I've been back from vacation for about 3 weeks and still have yet to finish posting about it!