Friday, September 7, 2007

Lost and Stuffed '07 : Day 8


It appears as though I have no pictures from Day 8! This is due to the fact that we through almost a pair of AA batteries a day! The camera was making some wierd crunchy noises - I think it ate the batteries. Or maybe I have something that sucks the energy out of them (Carrie - didn't we have a conversation about this at one point?) Whatever the problem - the camera always died and always when I was using it! So I think we just let Day 8 slide by without a photo. Seems strange though - I think Chris may have some phone pictures but as he's not here at the moment I can't get at them.

Anyhow - on to Day 8!

This was our last day (on actual away-from-home-vacation) of vacation. We got up and had breakfast with our hosts Kari and Mark - she made us all a wonderful egg souflet (the second one that week!). Chris and Kari are both morning people - they seem to have no problem getting up early and actually being awake. Mark and I on the other hand...well...we sleep...hard. I wake up when Chris nudges me and tells me to get up - but I pretend I'm still asleep and ignore him. So it takes awhile. Mark just doesn't wake up - or if he does it's a half awake/half asleep type of thing. I don't feel bad for Kari when she tries to get him up! :) But I guess it's good we're paired up the way we are - if it were the other way around and Mark and I were together - we'd never get out of bed!

After breakfast Kari had to head to work so Chris and I got ready and then headed off to Kari's place of employment to say our goodbyes. (Kari and Mark have promised to come up to MN next year! :)) Then it was off to find Chris some coffee (this was an ongoing struggle throughout the vacation as you'll find out in later posts). Having found the coffee we were off to Oxford!

Not New Englad Oxford - Oxford, OH :) Home of Miami University - the school I attended for all of 1 semester! It's everything you imagine a college campus to be - old brick buildings and all. I loved it - but for stupid reasons transferred to UMD (although I don't regret it looking back - although I still think the reasons for doing so were dumb...moving on...). We walked by the dorm I used to live in and around the buildings where I had class. One building - Upham Hall - has an archway through it. The legend goes that if you kiss under the light in the arch that you'll get married. We kissed :) (Sorry Chris - was that too much information? :))

After Oxford (and another coffee shop) we headed up to Dayton to catch our flight. We opted to fill up the rental car upon return - I thought it would be difficult to run it to empty. Turns out the light for gas came on right as we reached the airport! Argh! So we paid an arm and a leg at the gas station across the street to fill up the car (Jeep Liberty - NOT cheap :( ). Then we went through security. I think I may have mentioned how security at airports drives me batty? So maybe I'm repeating myself - sorry. I understand all the regulations and such but all the airports seems to pick and choose what ones they want to follow. Or how high they set their metal detectors. The woman at this airport royally pissed me off by tossing my wallet, shoes, and face creams into another mans tote! Thankfully he was polite and asked if they belonged to me - otherwise he could have just walked off with them! I wanted to go smack her (or at least be bitchy to her) but I figured that might just delay us - I might be considered a threat. Thinking back - I should have made a complaint though. Ah well....

Anyway - I got distracted - stupid airport check points. Hmph. We got on the plane and were delayed. I think it was a new pilot (not extremely comforting when you're prone to panic attacks). We kept getting delayed and taxing back and forth because he couldn't get his paper work in order. Finally we took off - I panicked of course. Had we taken off at the correct time I would have been asleep but unfortunately the announcement of our return to the terminal startled me awake and it was downhill from there.

Actually - I made it through just fine (after the first attack that is). It's wierd - I get panicked at first and then it's like I'm numbed on drugs - I could care less what's going on. I think it's just your bodies natural reaction - it can't take those jumbled nerves and just shuts em down.

We got home and realized we didn't have a ride! Kristin was supposed to be the ride but it turns out she thought we were returning on Sunday and had tickets to a concert Saturday night! Luckily Chris' brother Nathan was able to come and get us :)

We got home - did some grocery shopping as we had no food. Then I think we just kinda sat around and vegged. Watched TV. Played cribbage. Unpacked. Cleaned for Megan and Carter's arrival. That's about it.....

And there you have it - Day 8


Molly said...

My grandparents went to Miami University. That's where they met and fell in love, actually. (And tried to convince me to go in a joking way.)

carrster said...

Where did Day 7 go?!?!?