Monday, September 24, 2007

Lost and Stuffed '07 : Day 6

I've been kinda sucky at this vacation blogging thing - I need to get it done before a) I forget details and/or b) We go on another vacation (in which case I'll never hope to catch up...)

I know the suspense has been killing you and so we move onto Day 6.........

In an attempt to not get thoroughly pissed off at the fonts/size/spacing monster I am not doing picture captions. I'll just drive myself batty and lord knows I do not need anymore computer woes (more on that later - if I get around to it that is....)

We awoke on the morning of Day 6 in historic Bardstown, KY - home of eight million and one distilleries (well - all eight million and one are not technically in Bardstown - but pretty darn close). First up on the agenda was finding Chris coffee - did I mention we had trouble accomplishing this throughout the trip? Evidently KY takes it bourbon drinking more seriously than I thought and just skips the morning coffee and heads instead for a stiff one. On this morning however we were lucky and located some coffee - not iced like he'd hoped for - but coffee nonetheless.

Our plan for the day was to head up to my place of birth and visit some family - on our way we decided to visit one of the eight million and one distilleries just outside of town (just outside meaning about 30 minutes over tiny winding weaving in the middle of nowhere roads). On our way out Chris stopped the car to rescue a turtle who showed his appreciation by attempting to bite his rescuer. The rescue took place next to a cute little replica of old time Bardstown - we didn't get to go in as it was closed.

The distillery we chose to visit was Maker's Mark. It was fun - not as cool (in my opinion as Jack Daniel's) but still cool. Very beautiful and historic! At the end of the (free) tour we ended up in a gift shop (as you can imagine I was extremely dissapointed at this :)). We left $50 lighter but the money was well spent - again - in my opinion :) You could get a small bottle of Maker's Mark and dip it yourself - which of course I had to do! Chris was happy with this until I told him that of course we wouldn't be opening it! I said that perhaps on a special occasion such as a wedding or the birth of a child (he gave me slack about the last one but I'm sure he'd change his mind after giving birth! :)). (Note: We ended up buying another bottle when we got home - one that I would allow him to open. I was explaining to the checkout boy at the liquor store that we had just been there etc etc and that I wouldn't let Chris open the bottle I had dipped to which he replied - rather snarkily I might add - 'it's only plastic.' Men. Carrie understood - girls get it! :)) Where was I? So we left with the liquor, a box of bourbon balls (they are to die for!) and 4 shot glasses - extremely cute :).
It was a good time! On our way out we walked around the sight some more and came across the old Fire Station. Unfortunately the truck itself had been removed so that renovations could take place but a man working inside let Chris take a peek around :)

After that we moved on to Gallipolis - birthplace of moi. On the way we stopped for some food - as you can see :) I love him for letting me take this picture! Ha!

Once in Gallipolis (a towns whose name's pronunciatioin Chris and I continue to disagree upon) we met my family (biological father, half brother, 2 half sisters, and neice) at Bob Evans. If you aren't familier with Bob Evans - well - it holds a special place in my heart. The food isn't one of a kind but the original Bob Evans is located in Rio Grande. When I was little I remember going on feild trips to the Farm - which is where I wanted to go but we ended up going to the restaurant in Gallipolis (the first actual restuarant but not the farm one). I was dissapointed - hence the face - but it was still good.
After dinner we hung out at my sister Tiffany's. It was good - kind of awkward but good. I say awkward only becuase it's hard to feel really comfortable around people that are your siblings - your family - but people you only see once every few years if that. By the time you've broken the ice and started to feel slightly relaxed it's time to go. Hopefully this will change - the whole Myspace things has actually helped our commincation which is nice.

After Gallipolis we were going to head over into Jackson - the town I went to preschool thru 2nd grade in. The plan was to find a hotel and then quickly peek around the town (a place I haven't seen in many many years) before heading back to Cincy. The hotels were pricey and I decided I didn't need to see the town that badly. We took a quick drive through in the dark and then started the drive to Cincy - fully intending to find a hotel and stop for the night.
There were practically no hotels - and the ones we did find we're pricey (to us). So we drove. And drove. And drove. And drove. Finally we ended up in Cincy - well after midnight or 1 - I don't really remember. We had absolutely no idea where we were in the city though - and it was dead - we hardly saw any other cars! If you've ever spent any time in Cincinatti you know that it's a cool town but that there are certain parts of the town you really do not want to get lost in - especially at night! I was worried that we were in one of these said neighborhoods or that we would soon find ourselves in one. We were both extremely tired and we're getting extremely cranky. Many foul words were said. Finally we found our way across the river and into KY (where my grandma lives) and stopped at the first hotel we saw - we didn't care in the slightest what the cost was at this point. My foul mood was extremely apparent and the guy at the desk noticed - I apologized - he made fun of me and we all laughed. Thankfully for him (the hotel guy) the room was very cool (temp wise) and comfy - otherwise I would not have wanted to deal with me. I know my description doesn't really do it justice - but it was the drive from hell. It sucked.
And that my friend is Day 6. It is now time for me to go to bed : )

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