Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dream 1

it's 8am on a Sunday morning. i've been up since 7am. too early to be up when a) i don't have anything to be up for b) i've been feeling like crap due in part to a lack of sleep c) i love to sleep and should jump at any and all opportunities.....

but alas - here i sit. at the computer. eating toast. drinking hot cider. my dreams last night kept me awake and becuase of that or just because i felt like i should start keeping track of them - something i used to do when i was younger. so here goes.....

before i begin let it be known i talk in my sleep. scream (not night terror scream - that is something completely different and utterly terrifying if you've ever heard someone do it). sit-up. i am glad that i'm the one doing this. not that i'm glad to be doing it - given the choice i'd rather it not happen. but given the choice between me or my partner having it and i'd much rather it be me. i cannot imagine waking up to find chris sitting up yelling. or shaking or and whimpering. it would probably - no would - scare the crap out of me (where did this expression come from?...)

so. last night.

i remember this one - which is rare. usually chris is the one telling me what i did and me not having a clue it happened.

i started talking about frogs and hats. in my head it made complete sense. i think i was dreaming in part about the book i'm reading right now - The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. in the book (don't worry it doesn't give any big plot secrets away) the handmaid's wear these white hats with wings - makes me think of Sally Field - remember that? Anyhow - those kind of hats. evidently - in my dream - those hats came in boxes of frogs. at least the first 3 hats did - there was a grand total of 5 that you were required to have (and possibly wear...can't remember). you could keep the frogs or kill them or let them go. i think.

i remember talking about this and chris responding. he asked me 'what about the cows' to which i replied 'what the fuck are you talking about' - cows and hats? come on! evidently (as he told me this morning) he was just testing me to see how awake i was. i jabbered some more - completely annoyed that he didn't understand the hats and frogs and drifted back off to sleep. noteworthy only becuase i can recall my speech sliding into jibberish as i nodded off.

interesting to you? no. interesting for me to look back on? possilby.

the next one started out with me driving a car. do you ever have dreams that take place in the same town? completely different dreams - but the same town. and not a town that you've been to before - possibly a town created from scraps of different 'real' towns? or just a new town? it happens to me a lot.

so - i'm driving a car in this town i've dreamt of before. i take the first exit off the freeway i'm on as i realize i don't want to be on that freeway. (blank spot) next i'm riding a bike in the same town. i recognize the town from dreams that i've had before. i recall memories from those dreams as i ride - in particular i'm riding through a white trash/ghetto part of town and come across a house on the corner. i remember looking at an apartment there with my mom in a previous dream but don't recall the neighborhood being so bad - relieved that i didn't get that apartment. riding one - (blank spot) i'm in an apartment building - looking for what i'm not sure - the way out? somehow i'm at the top and am going down stairs - but there is no back staircase. the stairs go through peoples homes - level after level. some question me - wondering if i'm the person they hired to fix something - but otherwise it seems to be a normal occurence for them. the stairs are tricky as some of them have a bed placed in the middle of them with covers all over the stairs making me slide. sometimes i'm carrying my bike and sometimes i'm not.

(blank spot)

i find myself in my parents condo - which is located in this apartment building - i can tell becuase the style and layout are the same from the ones i passed through. very late 70's early 80's. (the images are so clear - too bad i'm not an artist). i'm chatting with my mom who is packing for some upcoming trips. one is to London - forget the reason why. the other is to Colorado. she is laying out outfits for me to wear on this trip - she's bringing me with her - to go shopping. it takes me awhile for her to tell me the dates - she's confused about what i'm asking. i tell her i need to ask for the time off from work. find out it's December 1st - tell her i can't becuase that is the day Chris and i move into our new apartment - it's also his birthday weekend. next we are in another room playing with the babies. that's right - babies. evidently my mom has recently given birth to triplets! but the babies are incredibly tiny - like miniature babies - toy babies. i'm talking 2 inches. they are all strapped into their tiny car seats asleep. one wakes up - hannah (evidently these triplets are Carrie's sisters triplets). i pick her up and she's smiling and giggling. i want to go take a picture because she is so tiny! i've never seen anything like it and at the same time it's the most normal thing.

i walk down the hall to grab the camera - which i recal is sitting on the dinning room table (chris and i's dining room tabe but for some reason it's in my parents condo). i turn on the hallway light only to discover about 50 of these little wormy millipede things crawling around!!! Ack! (*Chris and I have been having a problem with them. we get about 6 a night on average. they crawl in from outside after the sun sets. it's wierd and they are creeepy . fortunately very slow moving so we can nab them easily. but still extrememly gross. so far the ductape we used to secure the sliding glass door has seemed to work and we haven't had any the past two days) I scream for my mom to come. I walk further down the hall to the room where the camera is and turn on that light only to discover MORE of the wormy millipedes! not only those but these monsterous cockroach type bugs. i'm talking 2 inches long and an inch and a half wide or bigger! and fast! they scurry (ish ish ish) around at an incredible speed. and there are a lot of them just clustered all over the carpet. (in my head these monsterous bugs are a product of the wormy millipedes - what they grow into) they start to scurry across my feet and up my legs. i scream some more. scream for my mom to get the vaccuum cleaner and then scream that they'll only crawl out of it. i'm shaking and trying to get the bugs off of me. ick!

chris wakes me up. i'm still shaking my legs uncontrollably and whimpering. evidently i screamed. it was disgusting. i couldn't fall back asleep. i kept seeing bugs. i kept feeling bugs and as a result probably kept Chris awake by constantly rubbing my feet back and forth over each other.

ick. i hate insect dreams.

when i did manage to fall back asleep i kept dreaming about being awake and making myself remember the dream so i could blog about it. and here i am - blogging about it.

i've finished my breakfast though and will now try to go back to sleep. it's a stormy rainy morning - shouldn't be too hard. first i'll do a thorough bug inspection of the floor. ish.

oh - has anyone else read The Handmaid's Tale? If so - let me know what you think. I'm almost finished and it's scaring the crap out of me.


Molly said...

I love The Handmaid's Tale. I actually met Margaret Atwood and spoke to her about how everything in the book is true--she based it off newspaper headlines from around the world. How's that for scaring the crap out of you?

K-dog said...

The Handmaid's Tale is one of my very favorite books. It is scary, but it's also all so smart. I've read it at least four times and am constantly finding new things to marvel at. My copy is riddled with underlines and highlights.