Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's Still Thursday.....

that's right. still thursday.

i did a little reading but i just cannot seem to concentrate for very long. maybe it's the weather. what was a bright crisp fall day has turned into a grey windy on-the-verge-of-a-big-storm day. i like it though. the leaves blowing every which direction and the sudden onslaught of the rain. the only thing that would make it even better were for me to be at home either on the couch with my crocheting or in bed with all the lights off. mmmm...bed....sleep......

i have a cavity. i can clearly see it when i open my mouth. left side bottom middle of the row. a perfect little hole. a perfect little hole that hurts like hell when i attempt the chew anything on it - especially if it's hot or cold - room temperature seems to not hurt as much. crunchy foods are also hard. it just started bothering me tuesday night but it's getting worse. so now i have to figure out what to do. it needs to be filled but because my dumbass forgot to sign up for her insurance i'm not covered. i'll have to do some research about options....

brrrrr! water in your mouth seems extremely cold after chewing spearmint gum! the gum is sugarless by the way - since i just got done complaining about a cavity i thought i should mention that. i'm also chewing on my right side only. that gets tiresome after awhile. think i'll spit it out.

i cannot seem to position my space heater in a neutral setting. the only real place for it is the place that blows only onto my right foot/calf/or thigh (depending on how many phone books i stacked underneath it). so right now my right thigh is very toasty while the left one is kinda cool.

my stomach isn't really feeling too hot. the woes of being a woman. but then they have their benefits as well.

this blog seems to have no real intent. but it's keeping me entertained for the time being which is what counts i guess - it being my blog and all.

we seem to have a cricket infestation at work. i take that back. no infestation - jsut way more crickets than (with the exception of being outdoors) that i care to be around. there is one in particular that has managed to survive in the elevator shaft for a few days - although now that i make note of it i can no longer hear his chirps. hmmmm. well - up until a few minutes ago there was a very loud cricket in the elevator shaft directly in front of my desk. they've also been hopping around the halls and in the bathrooms. ick. i for one cannot 'go' that comfortably while fearing that a big black insect may jump up onto me. i'm not a big insect type of gal i guess. jumping and scurrying just aren't my forte.

speaking of forte - how do you pronounce it? kristin asked me the other day saying that a fellow english teacher swear its 'fort' while we claim it's 'for-tay'. thoughts?

oh - that reminds me - not sure how exactly - about my 'bonsai tree'. it is a bonsai - of the hawaiian umbrella kind i think. it came with a bonsai tag from the bonsai section and the gardner man in charge told me how to care for my bonsai. so. i'm going with it.

what else? i suppose i should do some dental research. back later. :)

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