Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Lost and Stuffed '07 : Day 10

September Sun
Vacation in Reverse. Reason? We took pictures the first two days while at my friend Kari's (hi Kari!) and decided to empty out our memory card onto her computer before heading out - and so I was waiting on getting those. They have all arrived but before that happened I had decided to stick with this reverse order thing. We'll see how well it flows.....

As for the title - 'Lost and Stuffed' - that was all Chris. And it's pretty accurate if I do say so myself. While our time spent lost was pretty minimal (considering I'm unable to read maps - or anything for that matter - in a car and Chris was doing the driving) - our time spent being stuffed was well - a constant :)

And so...on to Day 10.....

Labor Day. We were home by now. This was our last day to relax before heading back to work. We spent it sleeping in and saying goodbye to Megan and Carter (Chris's sister and nephew). Hmmm...perhaps this reverse order wasn't the greatest idea I've ever had since you had no idea that Megan and Carter were even here. But you'll hear all about that tomorrow. Fun, huh?

Anyhow - after that we lounged around. Then we decided that we needed to repot his plants - something we've been meaning to do all summer. So we headed off to IKEA. I love walking around IKEA and day dreaming about everything I want - sigh.... They didn't have much in the way of pots so we headed over to Menards. Then over to Kristin's to pick up my car as I'd left it there over vacation. And finally to the Home Depot where we found a good pot and a bonsai tree for me! I named her Petunia. Hopefully I can keep her alive. I fear I may have inherited my mother's ability to kill any and all plants just by looking at them. Poor Petunia. Maybe Chris's green thumb will help her....

Chris with Imogean.
He named her (after my suggestion that his plants needed names). Although I think he named her this only becuase I mentioned naming a future child this. Now he'll have a reason not to do so - 'we can't name our child after a plant can we?' Hmm..
More of Chris with Imogean.
She has grown a ton since we met! She's gonna hit the ceiling soon - anyone have a suggestion for dealing with thisnew pots!
fred is on the left. the one on the right has yet to be named. suggestions?

petunia petunia in her new pot

After the potting of the plants we just kind of hung out. I crocheted. We watched an episode of 'Boston Legal' (if you haven't seen this show - do. It's awesome!)

So there ya go - Day 10. Wasn't it just exciting and thrilling and all your hoped for? :)

Stay tuned!


Molly said...

I had a toad named Fred growing up. I think Ryan had a little potted tree he named Fred, but it died. We're not so good with plants here, though we tried (see post regarding dead maple, though see also post regarding new maple and apple, as there always must be hope). Welcome back to the land of the unstuffed and unlost and working. Blah.

carrster said...

I love the name Imogene but it was shot down off the potential Chick Pea girl-name list long ago. Ah well.

And....I don't think Petunia is a Bonsai....I had a plant like her (as does my Mom, I will check if she knows what kind it is) for YEARS named Althea. I loved that plant but she got WAY too huge & I had to leave her in California. So sad. :( Keep those leaves dusted! They tend to get very dusty & dull after a while (oh and you'll have to repot her A LOT because she will GROW but she is very hardy - that's a good thing.)

KeLL said...

I suggest Fritzgerald.

I name my cars and computers. Weird.

I think Carrie is right. I don't think Petunia is a true Bonsai. My mom is a huge plant lover (she has a greenhouse FULL of plants). I'll ask her about Imogene's growth problem.