Thursday, September 13, 2007


today is thursday.

i have not forgot to blog about my vacation. unfortunately i was sick this past weekend. on monday the computer was an absolute putz about uploading my pictures (it took f-o-r-e-v-e-r). as for tuesday and wednesday - i'm just lazy.

but today is thursday. a day to get things done. things like exercising. like baking. like filling out housing applications. like making a to-do list. like blogging about my vacation. will all of these tasks get completed tonight? probably not - but the morning is young and i'm full of energy and optimism - which i'm sure will fade by the time 4:30 rolls around. by then i'll just want to go home and make myself comfy on the couch with crocheting needle and yarn. we'll see.

as for now i'm at work. pretty soon i'll finish this blog and resume reading 'the tortilla curtain' - which so far is very good. i just finished reading 'the blind assassin' by margaret atwood. excellent book in my opinion. took me awhile to get into as i only had little ten minute segments to read it when i started - but once i had more time and got used to her writing style it was hard to put down.

what else? updates? let's see.....

the weather has finally cooled off which makes me happier than you'll ever know! i feel rejuvinated and refreshed. it is now possible for me to work up a sweat while working out instead of sweating just sitting on the couch and thinking about it. everything seems richer - the blue of the sky and the green of the leaves. the air feels fresh and crisp. i absolutely love it. i've always said that i can never pick a favorite season but if pressed it'd have to be fall. when i get married it will definitely be in the fall.

chris and i will be moving to a new apartment in december. not a house liked we'd hoped for. but a place that will give us time to think about where we want to live and what we want to do. chris will still be able to make the fire calls on time and i'll finally be able to have my cats with me again! definitely not a long term thing but something that fits for the here and now. mind is wondering and i'm getting distracted easily. hopefully i'll be back later on this evening with more vacation blogs :) or maybe just this afternoon with more mind wanderings :)

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carrster said...

Congrats on the future new digs! That's exciting. :) More room, kitties and a place to call HOME. That is good indeed.

Glad to hear the optimism is in full force this morning. I LOVE fall. Love it.