Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Water Pressure Please!

Before we move into our new apartment - before we even give the notice to our current apartment owners that we're moving - Chris wanted to get some repairs taken care of.

One of things was getting the tub retiled. While doing this the repairmen also replaced the shower head and knobs to one of those low water things - sorry I don't know the technical term - but know that it should be called 'peice of crap'

People with thick hair - like myself - need water pressure! I got into the pretty shower this morning (the new tile looks great) but was SO dissapointed to discover that I could not even feel the water on my head - through my hair! So while this new 'peice of crap' may be good for the environment - for most people - it's not for me. It takes me twice as long to wash my hair now becuase I can't get it wet - let alone get the shampoo out.


It was a frustrating morning. Not only did that annoy me (if you can't tell) but when I got to work I went to open my smoothie cup and it splashed up all over my face, hair, shirt (down my shirt!) and lap. Pretty soon I'll start to sour......

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