Tuesday, May 22, 2007

check it out...

those of you who know me know this - i am rather fond of jack white.

what's that?

you think i'm obsessed?

fond of...obsessed...same difference.....


the point is that The White Stripes are about to release their new album 'icky thump' the title track of which is now my profile song - check it out :)

you should also check out the Cold Mountain soundtrack. jack performed most of the music on that c.d. and it's amazing. as is Tim Eriksen - anther artist on that soundtrack you should definitely check out. his voice - aside from jack's of course - is just utterly astounding! i have his c.d. (thanks chris!) if you want a copy just let me know :)

and you should also check out Loretta Lynn's c.d. ' van lear rose' which jack produced and performed on. also amazing.

okay - that is my music/artist plug for the day.

notice how i didn't go on and on about jack. no need to make myself appear all crazy now :)

but seriously...check out this music.

in an age where so many singers start to sound the same I think jack's and tim's voices just stand out and give me goosebumps. in short i think they are pretty incredible.

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