Monday, May 14, 2007

to the aisle....

jason & sarah woolery
may 12th 2007

the happy couple

to the aisle!

this is the 2nd wedding i have attended in the past month (the first was kelly's - i have the pictures set to go and will post them tomorrow!). chris' brother jason was married this past saturday. it was the first time i had ever met jason and his bride sarah - they seem like very nice people and i look forward to actually being able to chat with them when everything has settled down :)

the festivities started this past friday with the arrival of chris' mom. we went shopping at macy's where the couple was registered and saw so many great kitchen appliances that we wanted to start our own registry! after the shopping we headed over to saint paul to meet up with reid, heather, chris' aunt fran, and chris' brother nathan. we had some wine first and then headed over to the barbary fig - a french/moroccan restaurant. it was actually quite good! i had my first experience with lavender seed - took me awhile but i think i might like it :)

the next day was the wedding! we headed over to the church and met up with the rest of chris' family :) it was a very small wedding - but very intimate. sarah's dress was gorgeous - white with a beautiful design of black bead work! after the ceremony we all headed outside for pictures and then down to the basement for the reception. for food it was indian and it was very good! there were actually a ton of leftovers and many of use left with some (i'm actually going to be having some of them for dinner tonight :)) we also left with an entire french silk pie - very yummy but not really something that chris and i need to have around....

for music there was a bluegrass band which i loved! jason is a musician himself and joined in the band playing the washboard. he also performed some of his own music which was wonderful as well (i wish i had better pictures of this but the camera starting acting crappy on us...). no on was really dancing until chris and i decided to go ahead and have a go - it was awesome! i never used to like dancing but these past two wedding's we've had a fantastic time! i loved it! :) i don't have any pictures of it but hopefully chris' dad can send me some that he took....

and that was pretty much the day. i had a great time chatting with everyone and stuffing myself full :) it was also great to talk with megan (chris' sister). her son carter is SO adorable! i used to go back and forth about whether or not i wanted children but being around him has completely changed my mind (in that i want to have them!). and as much as me saying this may scare chris - he is absolutely amazing to watch with carter (the pictures are so adorable!) :) sigh....

okay....on to the pictures! enjoy!

chris and carter in the church

carter is evidently fascinated with skin :)

the woolery/peterson clan

nathan chatting with the bride and groom

jim (chris's stepdad) and reid (his dad) - they were twins!

chris and is papa - love it :)
(although i suppose using 'papa' takes away from the intended edge :))

extreme close-up (he'll love me for this one...)

chris and his grandma

chris and megan
(i took this photo 3 times! the first time she had her eyes
closed. the seond time he did. the third time i made sure
they had them open - hence megan's 'deer in headlights'
expression :))

chris and carter goofing around

carter running circles around his mom

chris and nathan

jason singing - too bad it's blurred....

and once again...
the happy couple!

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carrster said...

Sounds like you had a blast! Fun to hang out and do family things, eh??