Monday, May 21, 2007

38 !?! WTF?

the drive up to duluth

My mother had a yard sale this weekend. It started on Friday. Friday was beautiful! Sunny. Bright. Warm. Perfect day for a yard sale.

She asked me to come up and help run it on Saturday along with her co-worker Annie as she had to work. I said sure! I packed up a skirt and tank top and hit the road!

I arrived Friday evening - still beautiful. Before I went to bed it started to pour. Thunder. Lightening. The works.

Saturday morning it is still raining. We manage to get it all set up despite the drizzle (which eventually stops). The sun started to peek out. You could almost feel it's warmth! I thought - This might not be so bad after all!

It gets cold.

Very cold.

Wet cold.

I being an idiot have a skirt. I did bring jeans but they are in the wash and I it's taking forever and a day for them to get done. I sport a yellow poof ball winter cap (borrowed but never returned from/to my friend Dan - if you read this - sorry!) that my mom had in the sale. I put on my fleece. I am estatic to find my winter boots in my car. I wrap myself in a wool blanket. Annie who was smart enough to wear jeans, tennies and a sweatshirt also puts on a winter hat and scarf along with a bathrobe from the sale. We are a sight.....

The yardsale was supposed to last until 4. We packed up at 1. It was so butt fucking cold! Our fingers were just raw and hurt more than I can remember them ever hurting in the dead of winter.

It sucked.

And to make matters worse Chris called and reported that the weather in Woodbury was bright, clear, sunny, and nearly 90! 90! Needless to say I packed my bags shortly thereafter and went home.

So there was my yard sale weekend extravaganza. I also want to point out - in case none of you have experienced it - that it is extremely weird to have your parents rent out your room. That's right - they rented out my room. Evidently a co-worker of my moms needed a room for the summer and she volunteered (I think she may have thought she wouldn't actually be taken up on the offer....) Anyhow - she had stuff in the yard sale. She was supposed to help on Friday. She did not. My mom woke her up along with me at 7am. I got up. She got up - moved her car - and went back to bed! She conveniently woke up well after we had everything set up and then proceeded to sit on her ass. She did nothing to help. In fact she hindered sales by parking her butt on the steps blocking potential porch shoppers.

So - I was very unimpressed. And to top it all off she was sleeping in my room - in my bed! I could have dealt with this - she needed help and my mom was kind enough to offer it. But the fact that she was so freaking lazy irritated me a lot. So - yeah. Ick.

Alright - I will leave you with some fabulous pictures! I would have posted them earlier but Chris's computer decided that it hated me and shut down 7 times whenever I tried to post. For now it is being nice and I'm thankful.


p.s. There is one picture of Albus in the new kennel. It turned out great! I keep forgetting to put pictures up! We forgot to really take any while building. Perhaps I'll get some good ones this weekend - that's right - I'll be in Duluth again! I have a ticket to see Jesus Christ Superstar with my folks! I love that show :)

p.p.s. My jeans eventually dried. I put them on only to discover that I'm fat. They almost don't fit. This sucks. I need to exercise. Should I be exercising now? Yes! But I'm blogging...sigh...

downtown duluth

more downtown duluth

and again....

albus in the kennel

me in the yellow hat!

the sale

annie and i
this was during the happy few minutes when
the sun peeked out and fooled us...

more sale

lil' old lady me
aka - me trying not to freeze


K-dog said...

I'm so proud of you and your kennel! I should send a link of the picture to my mom so she can also admire your handiwork...

KeLL said...

You look so cute in your yellow hat!