Saturday, May 26, 2007



i think duluth may be mad at me for moving. that is the only reason i can come up with to explain Why The Fuck it is so freaking cold everytime i come up here! as i was driving up it was 70. then i crossed that magic line about 20 miles outside of duluth that made the temp go down 23 degrees! good god. honestly.

it sucks.

at least this weekend i won't be attempting a yard sale. soon i will be in a warm restaurant wtih mom. then we will be in a warm theater with ross to see Jesus Christ Superstar. then tomorrow i am leaving for back home where it is normally a lot warmer.

what else?

i purchased the plane tickets this morning! August 25th - September 1st we will be in Ohio! I also made the reservation for our rental car! after my last incident with a rental car i would like to get the insurance but it is fucking $24.99 a day ON TOP of the rental car! good gravy.


i think that is it. i'm going to go get ready to meet my mom and also call kari :)

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