Friday, May 25, 2007

welcome back!

i would like to take this opportunity to welcome back the capri pant and the open-toed shoe! that's right - my new job allows me to wear BOTH of these items - without stockings (old folk terminology for hose - not pantie (that word is just nasty) hose - just hose. So....WOOHOO!!

now if i only had the money to go out and buy me some.....sigh.....

needless to say i LOVE my new job!

for those of you who don't know i work as a receptionist for The American Red Cross.

for the first time in years i feel really good about my job. it's not about profit-profit-profit but about saving lives - who wouldn't feel good about that? it's wonderful to see all the people coming in daily to donate their time and blood. i myself will become a first time donor very soon and am looking forward to it!

so there ya go - an update on the job situation :)

as for other news - here is....

the good:

- loving my job!
- going to see Jesus Christ Superstar with my mom and ross tomorrow!
- buying plane tickets for our trip to OHIO in August!

the strange:

- seeing a chicken walking along the edge of the road on my way to work this week. in the city. for real.
- knowing that very soon my 'home' will no longer be mine as my parents move to the suburbs

the bad:

- no one has joined my exercise challenge. this makes me sad.
- aside from that i got nothing else to add :)

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