Wednesday, May 23, 2007

let's work together!

feel like this sometimes?

you know those days.....

you wash your clothes. you put on your jeans and discover that they have shrunk! you frantically search through the rest of your clothes to assess the damage only to come to the realization that your clothes did not shrink. you are just too fat to fit into them....

your stomach rolls extend to your sides and beyond.....

your thighs rub together (this is especially annoying in the summer....ow!)

you wave and realize you have grandma arms....

your stomach sticks out farther than your boobs without poofing it out.....

you have major muffin-top....

the straps on the sides of your bikini undies disappear into your side chub......

want to end these days? then join me in an exercise challenge! maybe you want to not be mortified wearing that new swimsuit. maybe you have a big event coming up. maybe you just want to feel better. maybe your stressed out or depressed. then please join me!

i can attest to the fact that once you get started exercising is amazing! last summer and fall i lost a total of 38.5 inches and 17 pounds! I also managed to completely kick the depression that had weighed me down for so long. unfortunately i got lazy this year. i slacked off and 'nested' and because of that got what i refer to as 'happy fat' but trust me - there is nothing happy about it.

i've been trying to get back into a routine and it's just not happening. i need some motivation. and i'm hoping that you all need some too. so join me in this exercise challenge!

what to do:

- write me or post me and let me know you are joining (

- ideally i would like to be posting daily about this. just a short little blurb. i know that this is kind of difficult but it is a challenge. if not every day than At Least once a week.

don't have a blog? the bloggers can do this via e-mail as well to include all!

what to post:

- routine:
create an exercise routine for yourself. throw in some variations so it doesn't get old. share your ideas! have an exercise that you think is fantastic? post it! found a great new dvd? post it! discovered some great music to work out to? post it! share your ideas - not only will you find new inspiration but you'll also inspire others! :)

- eating habits:
have a goal? post it! share your healthy meal/snack suggestions!

- thoughts:
frustrated - share it - we can all encourage each other! happy - share that too! :)

- results:
this might be the most difficult but do it - and don't lie! :) every month we can do a weigh in! i go to curves and they do your measurements (arms, waist, abs, hips, and thighs). i encourage you to record those measurements. sometimes you don't always see results right away in the actual weight but you'll definitely lose some inches and it's always good to see those numbers go down!

the key is to NOT weigh yourself daily or even weekly for that matter. it takes time and there is nothing more depressing than getting on the scale and seeing no results! stick to once a month - trust me :) try to do it at the same time of day and not after exercising - always before!

what do you think?

these are just my ideas and i would be happy to get suggestions so send them my way!

i'd like to start the challenge on Wednesday May 30th (but join at anytime!)
hopefully this will give you all time to read it and think it over. and also a chance to have a last hurrah this holiday weekend :)

let me know what y'all think :)

hee hee
my parents always bough exercise
equipment and then did just this! that is
until i took the treadmill so who knows
what they do with the laundry now :)


carrster said...

you go girl! My weightloss/exercise program for June will be PRODUCTION. ay yi yi......

Molly said...

I'm in!

My end-goal: 40 pounds. Yikes.

My summer-goal: 10 pounds.

My favorite piece of equipment: the elliptical

My first goal: to drink 64 oz. of water per day

My second goal: cut out chips completely from my diet :) (It's not very, very hard, but often tempting) And pizza. Chips and pizza.

KeLL said...

My end-goal: 10 pounds

My summer goal: to fit into my size 6 jeans!

My favorite routine: the treadmill or taking Logger for a walk

Healthy eating tip: drink a glass of water before every meal. Fills you up faster.

My first goal: take Logger for a walk every day

Should we start a separte blog for this? One we can all post on?

michelle said...

Yay! People joined!! I didn't see your comment yesterday Molly - hence the blurp in today's post about no one joining.

Thanks :)

I think I know how to set up a separate blog that we can all access. I will work on that tomorrow!

My end goal: 40 pounds

My summer goal: 20 pounds (by August 24th - I leave on vacation the next day!)

Favorite routine: treadmill and situps and Curves

more to come :)

Thanks again!! :)