Monday, May 14, 2007

god is not a marshmellow!

i love love love this picture! love it!

i guess i should start off by explaining the title of the blog "god is not a marshmellow!" last night chris and i were channel surfing and came across that incredibly quality programming on public access. there was this very animated preacher who was very intent on getting across that god was a fire. his reasoning was much more detailed but to sum it all up - god is a jealous destructive fire - not a marshmellow! he actually said 'not a marshmellow' and well...i thought it was hilarious. so that is that....

on to today....

chris, myself, chris' father (reid) and his wife (heather) went antiquing in stillwater this afternoon. it was hot but lovely :) i just met reid and heather this past thursday and love them both! reid is hysterical! hopefully chris and i can make it down to florida to visit them sometime soon :)

we spent the day walking around downtown stillwater going through all the cute little shops - i found a few things that i'll have to go back for once i actually get a paycheck. we also had lunch at the dock and it was wonderful! i had some grilled salmon with a cucumber and dill cream cheese sauce drizzled with balsamic vinegar over focaccia bread - yummy! chris and i had to depart early as he had his fire fighting class tonight - but we did grab some malts on our way out :) are some pictures from our afternoon! (i just got the most wonderful program through google to edit and crop pictures - i love it! so i've been sitting in front of the computer for hours going through all the pictures i haven't had a chance to post and fixing them up...)

chris holding my purse - doesn't he look so manly?

st. croix river lift bridge

chris and heather

the river rises each year and covers the walkway

the river again

my stud muffin

reid and heather antiquing

chris and i antiquing - it's blurred but i still like it

downtown stillwater

birthplace of minnesota

reid, heather and chris

chris waiting for our malts


carrster said...

Looks/sounds like you guys had a great time! :) Yeah, that pic of you two is a definite keeper. Dont' you love getting shots like that??

K-dog said...

You two are so cute!

KeLL said...

You went Antiquing?!?!? You two are adorable!! And I LOVE that picture of you and Chris too!! Frame it! NOW!