Friday, May 18, 2007

say anything

does anyone out there watch 'The Office' or 'Scrubs'?

i have become slightly addicted to them these past few months as chris tapes them every thursday to watch when he gets home

and yes...i LOVE them :)

pam and jim - so cute! i found myself getting all caught up in hopes they would get together. lame? maybe...but i like it :)

and j.d. and elliot? can't wait to see what happens....

p.s. say anything is not just the title of this blog but also the name of the band who was featured in the finale of scrubs last night with their song - alive with the glory of love. i highly recommend that you check them out here

p.p.s. a bit early to be making birthday requests (it's october 22) but...if you want to get me anything i would like either of these shows on dvd :)

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KeLL said...

I am also in love with Scrubs and the Office. I have the 2 first seasons of The Office on DVD and the first season of Scrubs on DVD. Want to borrow them?
I also have Say Anything CD. Wanna a copy?
We have such good taste!