Thursday, May 3, 2007


hello all!

i don't have a real agenda in my posting tonight. at least no organized agenda. i also have no pictures to post which is slightly annoying to me because i'm rather obsessed with having a picture per post.

hmmm...where to start.....

kitty update:
my friend becca is the process of asking a friend of hers is they can adopt my cats. i hope to hear back from her by tomorrow. if that plan doesn't work then i have a plan B.

plan B involves chris and i going up to duluth this saturday. after talking with my mother the topic of a kennel came up again. it was something we had talked about before but my dad wasn't up to building one and neither was a friend of my mom's that she tried to hire for the job. so chris said 'that'd be easy!' and we shall see if he's right :) we've drawn up some plans based on the only cat kennel i've ever seen and which belonged to my friend kari (hi kari!). so hopefully all goes well and the kitties will have a new home out in the garage by monday!

if that doesn't work then despite protests from chris i'm taking albus and sneaking him into his no pets apartment.

oh - and before any of this plan was hatched we were as you can imagine desperate. i had gotten a note from my friend kari (hi again!) and my memory failed me as to what it said. i thought it said she could take the cats but she lives all the way in Ohio. i later re-read the message and realized it said she'd be glad to take them but she lives in a place that doesn't allow them. oops. anyhow - my mom was willing to give me the money to drive down to ohio to give the kitties to kari! craziness!

job update:
i still have no job. i still have no money. i barely have enough money to purchase gas to drive to interviews - gas is now almost $3 a gallon! holy shit.

i did have 3 interviews this week. two were for temp agencies that are currently sending out my resume. hopefully i will hear back from them soon. i've never done temp work and am a little uneasy about the uncertainty of it all. i'd prefer to have a full time job no strings but i'll obviously take anything i can get!

one interview was for a job that i would really really like. full time receptionist. i should hear back from this by tomorrow or monday (keep your fingers crossed for me!). it seems they need a new receptionist - although i have no idea why.....

i arrived for the interview and saw no one at the front desk. so i saw someone else standing nearby who asked if they could help me. i said yes that i had an interview. she told me to go the front desk - i still didn't see anyone there but walked over anyhow. when i got closer i realized that the receptionist was slouched down very low in her chair and fast asleep! i was completely taken aback! i said 'hello' - no response. so i just stood there awkwardly for a few moments until she finally awoke. needless to say if was very awkward and weird....can't imagine why they are interviewing for a new one.....

working out update:
i'm lazy. i try but i'm lazy. what else is new, right? chris and i did go for a walk around lake elmo today (3.7 mi) - very beautiful! so at least i 'grooved' my body for a little bit. that allows me the papa murphy's pizza and chocolate chip cookie dough, right? i thought so :)

travel update:
i'm still planning on going to ohio this summer. i was super excited about it. then i read my friend carrie's blog and found out they just bought tickets for a trip to sweden. my trip now seems sadly lame in comparison.

hair update:
i think in the last month i may have mentioned more than once how poor i am. this means i cannot afford to maintain my hair. my bangs are going to cover my face soon and my eyebrows have a mind of their own. seriously...cross those fingers for me in hopes i get a freaking job.

dog update:
i dog sat for my friend kelly this past week. (i still have to post pictures of their wedding but i don't have access to my photo shop. if you are interested check out molly's - the maid of honor - page. she has a much nicer camera!)

'the log' as i'm fond of calling their dog - loggerhead - is a cute cute cute HYPER little poop machine. prior to receiving this little bundle of joy i found out that he ate an entire leather journal cover. then upon entering my (well...kristin's) home he promptly tore into moose's dog food bag and ate two large bowls worth. needless to say that combined with the excitement/nervousness of a new place made for a not happy tummy. after shitting on kristin's white carpet he got me up every 40 minutes that first night. i wanted to throw him out the window. unless i gave birth to it - i should have to get up that often for anything. he did settle after the second night and all was good. moose and he got along just fine and we had fun taking them to the dog park a lot. we did discover that the log likes to hump - and he isn't picky. butt...head...he'll hump it. 4 times his size? no problem! it was funny to see :)

i also found out that chris gets to dog-sit for a nattie in a month or so! i love that dog :)

dinner update:
chris will be home soon and so will the chicken and herb Mediterranean pizza - so it's time go!

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carrster said...

That's quite an update!!

Your trip is not "lame." We've been planning Sweden since last summer so it has definitely been in the works!

I can't believe "Log" ate a leather journal cover - doh!! Ewwwwwwwwww. Nasty.

Good luck with the kitty kennel!