Thursday, November 8, 2007


for lack of exciting things to post about (see previous blog - l-a-m-e) i'm going to copy miss molly's blog idea (well - she borrowed from this person). she just turned 28 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) yesterday and so posted 28 not well known facts about herself. i turned 27 a few weeks ago and will now proceed to tell you 27 things about myself. i'll try to make them 'not well known' facts but since i'm a talker you might have heard a lot of 'em......
oh - the above picture was taken last year (august 29th to be exact). the face i'm making goes along with the previous blog 'You want me to WHA?'
alrighty then......
27. i absolutely love love love music. the emotions it brings forth, the places it takes you, the memories it revives - it absolutely astounds me. i'd love to have a soundtrack to my life. if i ever make you a mix cd - know that a lot of thought went into it. music is personnal for me. it expresses things that perhaps i would otherwise be unable to. yeah - i just love it dearly.
26. i bite my nails. everyone tells me to stop and i think at one point i tried to. now i don't care. if there is a little hint of nail it gets bitten. i also bite my lips. chris is always trying to stop me from doing this. so far he's had no luck. sometimes i'm not even fully aware i'm doing it. it only gets dangerous if i've just been to the dentist and my mouth is numb....ow.....
25. i've been yearning to have a sleepover. all girls. junk food. cheesey movies. fun music. girl talk. games. the works. it might end up being lame since we're not all 8 anymore. but until proven wrong i think it sounds super fun. (could be influenced by the fact that 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' is playing....)
24. i have some ocd tendencies. for insistence - i'm rather fixated with the number 6. i like how the 'ix' sounds when you speak it. i also only set the alarm or microwave to numbers ending in 6. 1:06 - 26- 36 etc.
23. i - unlike molly - have had many cavaties in my life. my mouth is silver.
22. is my luck number. especially a red 22. reasons? they are rather lame and i came up with them when i was little: i was 22 inches long at birth. i was born on the 22nd. king tut (whom i was obsessed with growing up) was 'discovered' in 1922. the alto saxaphone (which i played) has 22 keys. i told you it was lame....
i took a break from this to crochet. and by break i mean...oh...4.5 hours. do they have support groups for this?
i'll continue the 27 fact countdown tomorrow - provided i'm not lost in my yarn.

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