Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Come Again?

my ear is really acting up today - has been for the past 3 weeks or so.

usually when it acts up like this i'll get a case of vertigo and then my ear will clear up. so far i haven't got the vertigo - which i'm not complaining about. it's the worst feeling ever! but part of me wishes it would come and work itself out. not on the weekend though - it always happens on the weekends!

anyhow - the doctors told me there was a chance i'd end up losing my hearing in my left ear and for the first time i'm actually scared it might happen. i woke up this morning laying on my right side and was unable to hear anything - except that constant 'white noise' (think of a shell being pressed against your ear and hearing nothing but waves and the ocean - but not peaceful - annoying!) that comes along with the ear thing. i asked chris to say something and i could hear him but not the individual words he was speaking. it even bothers me to hear my own voice - it just reverberates SO loudly in my ear. it's hard to explain. try cupping your hand over your ear and talking really loudly - it's sort of like that but worse.


anyhow - that's my complaint for the day. sucky suck suck suck.......

(at least the envelope stuffing has come to an end! wahoo!)


KeLL said...

Michelle! Are you going to be okay? I worry about you! You've been drinking caffine, haven't you!?

KeLL said...

Oh-and finish your post about the 27 things about me!
I'm intrigued

Town Crier said...

Oh, hell, I know what you say. I had that prob two years ago, and it disapeared misteriously.

Try to live your life, there are worse things than that... and if you "loose" (totaly or partialy) one ear... think that you still have both hands and both eyes, whic I consider more important.

Pleased to read you... and good luck.

Molly said...


I teach a hearing impaired student for the first time this year. Suddenly, I'm more in tune to how to communicate clearly and effectively. He's a smart cookie and has definitely not let that and his visual impairment to hold him back.

Still scary to have the threat, after having full hearing, etc.