Wednesday, November 28, 2007


today is just one of those days. bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh.....

the kind where the dumbest little things want to make you pull your hair out and spit. or cock your head sideways and stick out your tongue at someone.....either way....


a company this large should have a computer server that functions at a pace faster than roadkill.

i've said it once and i'll say it again - christmas is just that - Christmas. Chanukah is Chanukah. etc. etc. when you have window decorations that have a penguin dressed in a santa hat with a red and white scarf and a candy cane it should be called a CHRISTMAS decoration and not a "holiday" decoration. i know not one Jewish person who would use this decor to celebrate Chanukah. i also do not know one Jewish person who is offended that we call that decorated pine tree a Christmas tree instead of a "holiday" tree. i'm all for making people feel included but that's just plain dumb, am i wrong? say 'Happy Holiday's!' to people - that's great! but call the damn decorations what they are for crying out loud.

i cannot stand people who do not flush the toilet when they're done. if you can't flush it then don't use the damn toilet. go outside in the bush.

woman - you do not come with a penis and therefore you should not pee on the toilet seat (nor should men but at least i can semi understand it - although seriously - it's NOT a fire hose - control it)! i just do not realize how they do this! if you scared to sit on the seat and spray - have the decency to clean up your mess - or once again - go outside in the bush.

when someone smiles at you and says hi - at least acknowlege them.

if you are dumb enough to use your hair dryer in the tub, reheat your pizza in it's box in your oven, smoke, or use a screwdriver that's on to scratch your nose - you deserve the consequenses and should not be allowed to sue. you're dumb.

if you cannot make a turn going over 5 mph or drive over 20 mph than you should have your driving license taken away.

if you think you're question might be stupid (and trust me - it is) than you should probably wait until after the meeting to ask it so as not to make your co-workers sit and suffer through it as well.

does one city really need 2 stations to play around the clock christmas music? no.

alright - back to work.

p.s. thank for all your kitty litter suggestions :)


KeLL said...

If you happen to see Michelle today, RUN! Turn around and walk the other way. She's on a war path.

(Love you Michelley Chelle!)

KarzyBear said...

Very lovely meeting you as well :)

Vija said...

wow you were crabby today. hope tomorrow is better. :)

Molly said...

Holiday pet peeve:

If you just bought Hanukkah stamps at the post office, don't say, "Merry Christmas!" to the purchaser. I'll shove a tree up your... :)