Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Good Morning!

Good Afternoon!

These are just a few of the greetings I say to people as they walk into my place of employment. I say them all with a cheerful tone and a smile on my face :) In return I get..............

That's right - Nothing!

People walk right on by without even so much as looking in my direction to acknowledge that they even heard me! Sometimes they look at me and have the audacity to give me a nasty look!

Yeah - well - same to you old woman!

Sigh - it's not really that big a deal I guess - but come on! How can you completely ignore a person's greeting especially when you've just walked into their building?!


K-dog said...

Yeah, I get that all the time. It's gotten to where I don't generally say anything if the person is walking quickly by, on a mission, and not looking at me. We're supposed to greet everyone, but I don't think those people care, and some of them even get annoyed.

People suck.

michelle said...

no shit....

Vija said...

perhaps they know you.