Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pardon my French (Part Deux)

i don't want to start ranting so i'll keep it short.

the 'pardon my french' blog was directed at some asshole who was soooooooo offended by our (my workplace's) greeter's (an absolute doll of a elderly lady i'll call dolly - everyone loves her!) Indian Princess costume that he had the hire-ups call down to complain and make her take it off. then they had to send up some sap ass to make sure she had actually done it.


people like this royally piss me off! it's fucking Halloween you too-sensitive-overly-politically-correct warthog! Lighten up or stay home and lock the door!

i told dolly she should give her costume to me and i'd wear it. and if anyone said anything i'd tell them to kiss my ass becuase i am indian - bitch!

is it just me or has this shit gone too far?

i could go on and on and on and on about 'holiday trees' and so and so forth but i can feel the adrenaline starting to rush and i best stop. this shit just really really pisses me off - if you couldn't tell already....

what are your thoughts?


carrster said...

Ugh - that is truly annoying. People need to get over themselves!

Molly said...

1. What tribe? (I'm part Penobscot, which is a Maine tribe, so no one around here has heard of it. My mother's from the Boston area.)

2. I can somewhat understand, after several year's worth of American Indian Studies as a minor. I do agree that Political Correctness has gone a little too far, but I also think some folks can go a little too far in their disrespectfulness and don't realize it... (For example, the little old lady at the bookstore calling someone "Oriental," when she would have called her Iranian had she had more information and understood the repercussions of calling someone "Oriental," like a rug or a lamp.) No one needs to drag in the secret spy service though, especially when it's a little old lady who meant no harm, though. :)

Rather, let's have a conversation about why the figure of the "Indian Princess" could be misrepresented. Ha, on Halloween. Or just yell BOO and wear a scary witch costume. Of course, those hanged in Salem might rise up, offended... :)