Tuesday, November 13, 2007


i forgot my socks!

that darned iPod isn't charged!

i forgot a pony tail holder!

my stomach hurts!

i'm sleepy!

i'm hungry!

i just want to relax!

i have a lot of crocheting to get done!

my hip hurts!

i have a lot of excuses for not exercising....and...well...they're all completely lame. two of the above i tried to use tonight and almost got away with it. but really - all i'm doing is sitting on the couch either watching t.v., crocheting, or reading. i have no excuse not to exercise and a closet full of pants that no longer fit screaming at me to do it!

so....why i am wasting time that could be used for exercising to blog? well...i'm waiting for the iPod to charge up so i can enjoy it while i kick my fat ass into shape!

later :)

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Slade said...

Join the club. :)