Sunday, November 4, 2007

you and me sunday driving....

this picture was supposed to be on the bottom but i can't figure out how to get it there
do you understand this?

chris and i spent the day relaxin' - it was (still is) splendid......

i woke up wanting bacon eggs toast and french toast. we didn't have any of that in the apartment. so we hopped in the car and headed to the New Louisiana Cafe in St. Paul. we stumbled upon it and february and it's awesome. the first time was a shocker - they have LARGE servings - now we know just to split - even then you're still stuffed for the rest of the day. but it's worth it :)

after eating we headed out to Minnehaha Park and took a little stroll - it was beautiful!

lean on me
i'm sure he won't appreciate me posting this but i love it!

we saw this boat on the way home - well we heard it before we saw it as it's large organ was playing! it looked awesome though and we now want to take a paddle boat ride down the Mississippi

it's been a lovely day thus far. now we're going to make some thai salad rolls and watch a movie. hope you all had a good weekend :)

p.s. i had a good day yesterday as well - i just got extremely frustrated at the computer while attempting to get photos ready for posting and just gave up before i ruined my night. technology makes me angry sometimes. (i know you all find that hard to believe...i'm normally oh-so-laid-back)

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