Friday, November 16, 2007


i feel like blogger is now complete.

ever since i began posting i've been wishing there was a way to create a playlist - and low and behold there is! i saw it in this blog and then had to go and get my own! since i found it late last night i didn't get a chance to add too much or play around with it but i will tonight (i only wish i had speakers on this computer at work!)

you can go here to create your own or just click on the link at the bottom of my playlist :)


KeLL said...

You're going to get me in trouble at work! Music spewing out of my computer! Heads will turn when they hear it!

Slade said...

I'm so glad I've helped you complete your blogger! And you have Black Betty on it!!! It brings me back to my college days partying at the frat house. It's also fun to see the revised Beatles hits. Are you also a fan of the I Am Sam soundtrack?

michelle said...

i am a fan of the 'I Am Sam' soundtrack. Have you seen 'Across the Universe' yet? It's incredible. I'm kind of a huge Beatles nerd :)