Monday, November 5, 2007


al: 'Al'

chris: 'Hi' (can't recall what he said after that....)

al: 'Nice to meet you'

chris: 'I'm not the guy you're looking for' (or something to that effect - his memory is hazy)

shall i start at the beginning?

al franken spoke at the como park school in st. paul today. my friend kristin teaches there and invited us to come and hear him. i worked and was unable to get it off but chris (lucky duck) had the day off and went.

kristin had her cell phone off so chris headed into the office and told them he was here to see kristin - that she had invited him to hear the speaker. the kid calling kristin's room got confused and told her that her speaker was here. chris said 'no no - i'm not the speaker - i'm here to hear him - al franken.' at this the kid hangs up on kristin (leaving her very confused) and says 'there's al franken now.' chris turns around and al walks up and the above words were exchanged.

after that kristin and chris listened to him speak for about 45 minutes. after that chris came home and resumed his post on the couch (he's been pretty sick last night and today). kristin returned to her classroom only to be surrounded by a hound of students all asking about the hot guy she was seen with :) knowing that it makes no difference how you answer she just said nothing. all the kids agreed that she had a hot 'boyfriend' which we both thought was great :)

so - it was a pretty darned good monday (aside from chris being sick and all that is)

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