Tuesday, November 27, 2007

why walk when you can LEAP

i would have posted last night but the cable internet guys arrived after the office closed and therefore they could not get into the cable room. hopefully they'll be back tonight before it closes again. hmph.

in reference to the title - i like to be different. i like to make a grand entrance. so instead of walking into the front door of the new apartment building i leaped. well....i tripped.

everything i was holding went sprawling and i skidded across the rug. OW! both of my legs are all scuffed up. one required an extra large bandage and it hurts like a son of a.....OW! and to make matters worse chris and a co-worker were still moving things in - i was rather useless. all the bandages were packed in who knows where. then we had to wait for the pokey internet people. finally - about 3 hours later - we managed to get to Target and get some bandages and antiseptic spray stuff (that made the pain even worse....) sigh.... i'm dumb.

i almost fell again later that night but luckily managed to catch myself. good god.

so that was my night :) other than that - we have most of the stuff in. few more trips to make. hopefully i can get it straightened before Friday when my dad arrives with the kitties :)

speaking of cats - i have a question about litter for you cat owners. have any of you used the flushable kind? i also saw this box of litter at Trader Joe's - says it's a one month supply and that the pee doesn't clump but rather dissovles into the crystal littler. So then you could just scoop and flush the poo I guess. I just hate the idea of putting litter into plastic bags and then having them end up in a landfill, ya know? Any advice?

alright - i suppose i should get back to work :)


KeLL said...

Did you sleep at the new place last night?

carrster said...

hmmm, I think of putting cat litter in plastic bags as a way of recycling those plastic bags! Never tried the flushable kind. i'm pretty sure that would jack my old house's plumbing right up!

Sorry to hear about your "grand entrance." Doh! (did you read my soup fiasco last night? Must've been the moon). I can't wait to see your new place (email me your address!!)

Slade said...

I'm all for saving the environment, but I'm with Carrster...I always thought of the DSB (or in your case, CSB) as means of recycling. I am allergic to cats...I wish I could help. :)

Molly said...

From Care2:
Some kitty litters can be burdens on landfills and the traditional clay variety, which is often strip-mined, often contains silica dust, a carcinogen. Below are some tips for using a more eco-friendly litter that is environmentally sound both inside and outside your home. A number of eco-friendly kitty litters are available online.
SIMPLE SOLUTION: • Try litter made from recycled newspapers. The paper absorbs just as well as conventional clumping litter, but this approach helps the environment by reusing resources. Two great brands are Yesterdays News and Good Mews.
• Another great option is litter made from reclaimed wood. Sawdust that would normally end up in landfills is concentrated without the use of dangerous chemicals to produce environmentally safe litter. Two brands are Nature’s Earth and Catfresh.
HELPFUL HINTS: A kitty will use his/her litter box more fastidiously if you keep it clean. Regardless of the type of litter you chose, make sure to clean it of urine and feces as often as possible.