Monday, November 12, 2007


the view from my treadmill is not spectacular. in fact - minus the tv (when it's on) it's rather dull. i find myself staring at this outlet as it's rather high on the wall (for the air conditioner). it seems to have taken on a personality. this tiny little face saying 'Oh!' hmmmm....

have you heard the new song by Leann Rhimes - 'Nothin' Better To Do'? i love that song. currently listening to it in fact. although it did make me hurt my hip. well - i suppose i made me hurt my hip but nonetheless.... i was listening to the song while walking on the treadmill and got a bit spunky and sassy (did i really just use the word 'sassy'?) in my walk and it got rather bouncy. i may have also waved my hands about in the air. (nerdy..i know...but chris wasn't home) as a result i think i pulled a muscle in my hip and it hurt for weeks afterwards...ouch!

this blog is turning into treadmill stories. i don't really have much else to yak about. oh - i got some new yarn today! i know...i know..i shouldn't have. but it's for this extremely cute teddy bear pattern i found. i also bought stuffing. hopefully it turns out. i'll post pics when it's done. oh! and i found this posting there (at Micheals) - Warm Up America. Check it out - great idea for using up any scraps of yarn you can't figure out a use for! :)

what else?

i'm still stuffing envelopes at work! My fingers - aside from getting numerous paper cuts - were also getting rubbed raw along my right pinky from the outer lip of the envelope. then i discovered the latex gloves (of which the blood center is littered with!) and they are wonderful!

alright - dinner is served and i'm outta here :)

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carrster said...

That outlet looks a bit like a sunshine saying "oh - good morning!"

when it starts talking to you is when you should start worrying.