Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fixing a Hole

okay. i'm not really fixing a hole. it was just the song that was playing as i signed in to my blog. and it made me feel a little better. which is a good thing.

i really have no idea why i am so cranky today. it's like a switch flipped this morning and BAM - crankiness.

didn't want to go to work. didn't want to see/speak to/deal with/work for/be around people. at all. when i got off work i made myself work out. i figured it would help. it did until it got interrupted by some other girl who thought that it was her turn to use the eliptical. sorry no. my turn. so i went to the grocery store to get a few things we needed. lately they've gotten rid of those handy little baskets. (damn you CUB) i didn't want to push around a whole cart for the few items i was getting. little did i realize that i'd have to stand there juggling 3 packages of crackers, 2 juice bottles, and a tub of sherbert waiting for a bunch of morons to figure out how to use the self check out. it's not that hard. and if you cannot do it then save the sanity of the rest of us and use the regular check out. ah! at that point i found it hard to hide the look of disgust on my face and probably pissed a few people off with my 'look.' like i care. piss off.

it's just one of those days. one of those days where you really could care less if you're being a whiny brat. really could care less if someone out there has it worse off than you. all you care about is the fact that you're pissy and would just like everyone to get out of your way or disapear. ya know? sigh...

i'm trying to perk up and 'fix that hole' but it's really hard. i'm going to go do the eliptical now that it's free. perhaps that'll help. if not i'm just going to make myself a strong drink and watch 'true life' on mtv. hmph.

(oh - the whole day wasn't bad. i did get to talk to carrie. that was good. i miss her though. perhaps chris will want to make the drive up there next weekend)

hope your day was better.

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Molly said...

Weird: I just finished showing Pleasantville in one of my classes, and the Fiona Apple version of "Across the Universe" is stuck, stuck, stuck in my head. And up in pops in your song queue...