Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma!!

i love you

to do in 2008
-write my grandma a letter once a week
-call my grandma every couple of weeks
-each time i do either - tell her i love her very much


Molly said...

:) Good idea. I send my grandma mail nearly every day... postcards mostly, but letters too. She just lost her husband, so I think that's important to her.

I keep forgetting to re-ask you. In an earlier post you said part of your heritage is Indian. What tribe? I'm Penobscot on my mother's side of the family. Was an AmIn minor as that part of my cultural heritage interests me (OK, most of it does--the Irish, the Scottish, the British...)

michelle said...

Cherokee. Not sure how much - I think my great great grandpa was full blood but I'd have to ask my grandma about that.

I've been meaning to keep in better touch with her but as usual I always get sidetracked. But you reminded me how important such communication can be :) thank you!

i'm also Scottish, and British :)

carrster said...

Very sweet picture. :) (and good idea too!!)