Monday, January 14, 2008

Making Strides

i am proud to say that i'm getting better at that blasted machine known as the elliptical. what was once my most despised enemy is slowing becoming my friend. (my friend that kicks my ass and makes me sweat more than i thought was possible) i've found that i work well in five minute stretches. 5 minutes on - walk around and drink for a few seconds - 5 minutes on - etc. it's working. yay :)

in other news - a friend at work is due to have her baby on March 1st. we were going to have a shower for her in February but unbeknownst to me it got moved to this Wednesday! i just started her gift this afternoon (thinking i had plenty of time!). now i'm faced with the task of finishing to custom burp clothes in less than 48 hours. eep! (reminds of carrie's shower where i found myself in the same situation - only then it was my own fault) i know i don't have to have them finished by the shower date - but i want to have them done. and so....after this post i will be plopping myself down in front of the tele for a night of crocheting. not that i mind though. i actually really love doing this.

speaking of crocheting - i'm down to one bear - as in one bear left to make. then all of my christmas presents will be complete and all i'll have to do is get them in the mail (which for me is usually the hardest part). since my reading has been sorely lacking since i've picked up this new habit i've decided to add a 'crocheted in 2008' column. i'd like to be able to include pictures too but haven not been able to figure that out. i'll start it as soon as i'm done with the bear :)

what else? went to joann fabrics this weekend and used up most of my gift card. yarn yarn and more yarn :) we also picked up two yards of this really pretty (and durable) fabric to use on the cat post :) i'll post pictures when it's done.

oh - i also got my new (pink) phone yesterday. i get (sadly) very attatched to things and hated to say goodbye to the old (red) one - especially since i had pictures on there that they could not get off. (there were two files in the phone 'In Camera' and 'Saved to Phone'. Once you took a picture it went to 'In Camera' - from there you could send it to another phone or your e-mail. Once you 'Saved to Phone' however it was just that - saved to your phone - unable to be sent anywhere. really annoying and rather misleading. hmph) so i ended up losing some really great pictures. sigh. i like my new phone though. the camera is way better and it's got some other fun features. i hate having to buy them though. i always feel like i'm getting taken to the cleaners (which i'm sure i am). ah well.

and now it's time for dinner :)

how was your day?


Dolce said...

You are crazy crocheting! I'm sure she'll really appreciate the gift, even if it's not done on time. You spent time on a thoughtful gift which is much nicer than something from Babies R Us.

Molly said...

i LOVE the elliptical. two summers ago, i used to go and elliptical for an hour or so... i really really need to rejoin the y so i can do that again. :)

michelle said...

an hour molly? that thing kills me! i can do the treadmill forever but yeah - that elliptical kicks my butt. good for you though :)

carrster said...

speaking of the burp cloths they are AWESOME and the Chick Pea would love them if I would let her use them. They're way too nice to let her get them all gunked up with formula spit up - BLECH! :)