Wednesday, January 16, 2008


yes. that would be my mouth (and my crazy lookin' eyeball). that would also be my temporary crown. ain't it just so darn puuurty?

i was pretty nervous going to the dentist today but was worried for nothing. the whole procedure was completely painless - for which i was very grateful. although the numbness has yet to wear off - and when it does the dentist said my gums would be tender. ouch. so i popped an ib profen just to be on the safe side.

i was pleased (well - pleased would be the wrong word i suppose) to find out that my bill was only $800. i can't believe i just said only $800 (for a tooth). better than the $1200 i had heard some people quote. i still don't have my new dental insurance information so they let me pay half with the promise to call as soon as i recieved my card. hmmm...this was just the temporary crown though. perhaps the next appointment will cost even more making the total about $1200? ohhh sadness....

((DEAR GOD WILL THE PERSON WHO'S CAR ALARM IS GOING OFF DIRECTLY BELOW ME PLEASE TURN IT OFF. BEEP-BEEP BEEP-BEEP! why do people even get car alarms. hello idiot - hearing it go off does not make us want to call the cops to prevent a crime. it makes us want your car to get stolen and you to get pelted.))

anyhow. after the dentist we stopped the grocery store to pick up soft foods. instant mashed potatoes. real potatoes. hummus. pudding. ice-cream. i don't want anything to happen to this temp causing yet another appointment. it must last until next thursday.

in other news. the co-worker of mine who's shower was supposed to be today was cancelled. mind you we still ate all the food that was brought in but the mom-to-be was absent. she checked into the hospital on monday night and is still there. dehydration and a few other problems. i'm pretty sure she's going to be just fine but keep her in your thoughts. i know she is not coming back to work. even if she tries - we're gonna kick her out :)

alright - that's all my news. i'm off to watch tv/crochet until i can feel my tongue/lips/jaw/ again. then perhaps i'll have some mashed potatoes. cheesy ones. then some ice-cream with bailey's on top. mmmmmmm.......(what weight loss challange??)

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