Sunday, January 20, 2008

Book Club

today was my first ever book club! and while we didn't spend much time discussing the the actual book (the year of yes by maria dahvana headley - a book i still have to actually finish) it was still a great time :)

i miss having that 'girl time.' just sitting around and chatting about anything and everything. nibbling on snacks. having a drink. it's very relaxing and in my opinion needs to happen more often! (stop by any time ladies - especially you Chris - we live close together :)) i got to see kelly who i have not seen since my birthday (the day she found out she was pregnant!)! it was a little depressing to see that her pregnant belly is still smaller than my non-pregnant belly....but i'm working on it. i'm so excited for her though - and can't wait to make a ton of fun baby related things :) speaking of - molly brought along two books full of great knitted toys. hopefully one day i'll be able to make them. right now i'm trying to attempt the knitting with 4 needles thing and it's seems entirely too complicated..but i know i can master it.

alright. that is all. i am currently suffering from severe stomach cramps. yes - i know you were all dying to know that :) i had cramps in my dreams last night. kind of the like when you have to pee in your sleep and you keep dreaming that you have to pee but can't? anyone? (maybe that's just me). so i woke up and took 2 midol (which had never worked for me before so i took advil then a friend gave me a midol and it worked like a miracle so i started taking it. now it sucks again). nothing. i took another. nothing. but for some reason i woke up an hour later feeling really sick - like i'd over medicated. 6 hours later i took another. still notta. well - the cramps are better but i just feel plain sick. bleck.
so yeah - i'm gonna go lay down........

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