Friday, January 18, 2008

Super Happy

i want this book.

mandy (chris's sis-in-law) got it for christmas from her hubby and the patterns inside are awesome. so so so cute.

i know i've done a supreme amount of bitching lately about my complete lack of funds but it isn't that expensive. perhaps i could purchase it? but how to justify it......

i could make some cute gifts for people (or sell).

i'll think about it while i go bust by butt. speaking of busting butts the ladies who started this whole weight loss challange brought in the scale to work today. not because we've reached the end of the compitition but to see who exactly our competition is. i have stayed the same (boo! - but on the plus side i'm losing inches which is even better in my opinion. the weight loss will follow). one lady gained 9 pounds! i felt bad for her but inside went 'yes!'. mean? probably -but i could use that $200 and some prize.....

oh - if you any of you have some across cute and unique knitting/croteching books out there let me know :)

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