Thursday, January 31, 2008


no...not that kind of nude ya perv.......sheesh.....

i mean nude as in no-make-up. zero. zilch. notta.

it's something i've thought about many times before - going without make-up. this last time i decided to do something about it. give it up - for an entire month. i even got a co-worker to do it with me (the only difference being that she gets it sit up and away in her cubicle whereas i'm greeting everyone that walks in the door....)

i don't wear a lot of make-up to begin with. eyeliner. mascara. and blush (oh lord how i'll miss my blush stick!) no foundation - the thought of caking something onto my face like that bothers me. i went through the powder faze in highschool - when it was cool to have your compact with you at all times. now i can't stand it. so - i'm not giving it up becuase i think it hogs up too much of my time. i just think it's time that we (women) start thinking of ourselves as naturally beautiful. i don't think there is anything wrong with make-up persay but for some women it is truely a crutch. they will not - unless possibly in need of urgent medical attention - leave the house without it. ever. why is this? do they truely believe that they are ugly without it?

i admit - there are times when i wake up and think - oh hell no - not walking out the door like this. but i want to get over that. that's why i'm doing this - so that by the end up of the month perhaps i'll think i look better without it. i'm happy that darrah (hi!) is doing this with me. she was so concerned and when she came in this morning she looked exactly the same as when she was wearing make-up (minus the sparkle of eyeshadow on her eyes). she looked beautiful!

i'll admit that it was not fun to look in the mirror and see the bareness of my eyes - but i liked it anyhow. and any dislike was quickly outweighed by the fact that i could rub my eyes! think about it - everyone gets that little tickle in their eye at some point during the day. instead of having to carfully not mess up the eyeliner (etc) you can just rub away. it's very liberating! so - feel free to join me if you want. post some self portraits of yourself (mine were taken with my camera phone - hence the quality) and see how your perceptions change over the course of the month.

oh - had to include a picture of the finished hat! i started on one of the orders today :) if you want one let me know :)


KeLL said...

I can't leave the house without mascara on. Why? Because my eyelashes are blonde and I have extremely light blue eyes and pale skin. My face completely washes out without it. Sorry. Can't give it up.

michelle said...

oh okay :)

we don't really wear a lot. i just want to see if i can do it. i think the people who should really try it are the ones who cake it on. i cannot imagine spending all that time in the morning, ya know?

carrster said...

yeah, I'm not giving up the makeup. I have a few times in the past 7 weeks due to the whole newborn thing but I just feel icky without so there ya go. I did stop wearing eyeliner though. Too much of a bother.

K-dog said...

I agree with your sentiment completely, but I'm not giving it up either. Not only do I also have the blond eyelashes and pale skin going, but I have statutory written all over me WITH makeup on, plus I have people asking me all the time at the library, "Do you work here?" in spite of my nameplate, because I don't look old enough (in spite of the fact that I'm pushing thirty).
I do wear foundation in the winter (sorry), but it's light foundation. I used to not wear any, ever, but I got tired of people telling me I looked sick because I get extra pale in winter.
But really, I agree with what you're saying. I decided at 13 that I wouldn't wear makeup, ever, to be au natural...but then I changed my mind a year later.

michelle said...

yeah. i don't think i'll do this whole thing forever. just the month. i'm very much in love with my blush stick. very much so.

and kari - do not ever say we are 'pushing 30' again. ever. (even if it is true :))

Molly said...

I only sometimes wear cover-up, but usually I'm always make-up-less, and I kind of like it, though I do have the little kid thing going on too. I don't give a rip though, let 'em think I'm a student at this high school. I'm cool with that.