Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Le Sigh.....

today is one of those days....

one of those days where you feel sick but not sick enough to call in. one of those days where the thought of dealing with people ((cough::morons::cough)) seems painful.

one of those days where the e-mails i recieved with the below quotes made me chuckle :)

(e-mail from Kelly)
"Handle every stressful situation like a dog. If you can't eat it or hump it...piss on it and walk away"

(e-mail from Vija)
"I don't mind coming to work, but this eight hours of waiting to go home is just bullshit"

i should get back to work. i actually have a lot of stuff to keep me occupied. mainly becuase i have someone coming to sit with me this afternoon. i mentioned in the 'loose lips' blog that i was given a list of phone numbers to hand out to people coming in with various work related questions. the guy who gave me that list is coming in to sit with me for about 2.5 hours today to 'make sure it's going smoothly.' ugh. this man has the personality of used car lot salesman. cheesy. one of those guys. i'd really rather not have him sit in the chair behind me like a lurk while i do busy work. i hope to god he doesn't try to make idle chit-chat. and let's mention the fact that the amount of people coming in (to whom i'll hand out those phone numbers) varies from day to day. one day i could have 30 people come in. the next day 2. today it'll probably be 0. he'll go report to his boss that 'everything is just fine' when it's not. argh.
stupid corporate america hoo-ha. ugh.

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