Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Off to a good start....

so i'm off to a good start - my tooth broke :(

well - part of my filling broke on New Year's Eve and later that night part of the tooth broke. luckily my insurance kicked in yesterday so i can get it taken care of soon (in about one hour to be exact :))

dealing with the insurance company this morning was a royal pain in my ass. because the insurance just kicked in i haven't recieved my cards yet. so i called to get my information. they told me i hadn't selected a dentist and so i couldn't have my information. (note: nothing in the sign up stuff told me i had to pick a certain dentist - in fact i made sure i chose the option that did not) anyhow. i finally found a dentist they accepted and they hopefully faxed my information to them. i asked the very clearly if i was good to go - if all i had do was show up and they said 'yes'. this of course means squat but we'll see.

oh - and for those of you who might have to deal with annoying automated phone systems - press a whole bunch of numbers until they automatically direct you to an actual human being. works every time :)

alright - i'm gonna knit a little more and then it's off to the dentist!

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