Sunday, January 6, 2008


....SHUT UP!

the kids in the apartment next door are continuously stomping in place - or so it sounds - and have been doing so for the past hour. I'm sitting here with the music up loud(er) and I can still feel the vibrations from them in my chair.

i would go over and maybe tell their parents to tell them to shut the fuck up but i don't think it would help. i heard them come home last night (with the kids running and screaming right outside my door) and the parents sounded dumber than a box of rocks.

it seriously sounds like there are at least 5 kids over there! if you cannot afford more than a 2 bedroom apartment perhaps you should not have 5 brats running around over there like monkeys. and if you must have that many children then teach them to be respectful of others. the room they are acting like jumping screaming beans in borders a bedroom (granted we don't use it for that purpose but they don't know that!)!

i'm going to put on my ipod and exercise. if they are still pulling this shit when I'm done I might go crazy.


mandra said...

are you *sure* you still want a baby?

michelle said...

yes. i just don't like children who's parents do not knowing what discipline is.