Wednesday, January 9, 2008


(this is the actual picture you'll get when you type in Vija's Birthday)

Happy 28th Birthday Vija!

this blog is dedicated to you VibaJiba.

i am so happy that we've met. we share the same sense of sarcasm. i can tell you disturbing bathroom stories and you still talk to me. (that didn't come out sounding good....not that it really could i guess...). i'm extremely happy that you've learned to crochet and get a blog!

i am extremely sorry that i'm a shit friend. i knew it was your birthday today. i sent you a work birthday card! when i called you this morning you probably assumed it was to say 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY!' - but no - it was just me asking for more envelopes. i then proceeded to sit through an entire lunch break with you and say nothing. well - we talked but i still didn't say anything birthday related. only at around 3 when i read your blog did i remember - ACK! i'm an ass.


to make up for it i'm bringing you some treats. :)

1 comment:

Vija said...

Don't worry about it. Like I said my mom remembered at the same time you did. Thanks for the dedication entry. You are too cute.