Sunday, January 13, 2008

Talkin' Bout Last Night

here are some pictures from our evening.

as i mentioned - kristin had come over. she brought a lovely bottle of Arbor Mist ( i don't care what you say - it's cheap and tastes like sweet).

chris worked on our cat scratching post. this is the 3rd thing he's built for the cats (1st being the kennel, 2nd being this cardboard scratching square). he'll never admit to loving them but i think it's fairly obvious that he does :) he's worried that it looks rather 'white trash' right now but it's not finished. we need to stabalize it some more. get some more twine. and some carpet remnants. (speaking of - does anyone know where to get those carpet sample squares. i asked at Home Depot last night but the guy was extremely rude and snotty and said no). the cats love it so far though. they scratch the twine (which is SO much better than scratching the couch!) and argue over who gets the top perch (only one hitting fight though).

later on we played Monopoly. for those of you who do not know - i love this game. love it. i have about eight million and one different versions. somewhere along the line it become the family joke to buy me a new one each year and then refuse to play it with me. ha ha. so funny. last night we played the Rudolph version - the first time it's been openend despite the fact that i've owned it for more than 2 years! i lost. i came in third. (see chris - i can admit it). we tried to make it more interesting by having the rule that each time you were sent to jail you must take a sip of Maker's Mark bourbon. (i don't know how people aquire a taste for that stuff....). luckily i only went to jail once :)

alright. time for breakfast. chris got me a cinnamon role on his way home from a call this morning. what a sweetie.


KeLL said...

How did you convince Kristin to play Monopoly with you!?!?
Did you leave any marks, bruises, or other scars?

michelle said...

i got her drunk. and no - i left no marks :)