Friday, January 18, 2008


i would like to knit a hat. a hat for chris. a hat with earflaps.

i have no idea how to do this.

what are double pointed needles?

why must i use four needles (how do you even do that???) instead of just knitting on the round with circular needles?

my brain and eyes are sore from searching the web for answers to these questions and looking at hat patterns. if you have answers - or can find a cute pattern please please pass it along :)

thank you :)


Molly said...

hat patterns:

dpn = needles with sharps on both ends

four needles and knitting in the round are fairly similar; depends on how you want the seems to work and what you feel comfortable with

i like the four needle method, but either works.


ps: i just bought two knitting baby toys books. will bring them on sunday for you to gush over / borrow and photocopy.

Molly said...

ps: as long as we don't conflict on what we make for kelly's baby. :)

Molly said...

seems = seams

michelle said...

sounds great. i'm going to bring the hat pattern and get some more needles so you can show me how to knit with 4 :)

i already have some things up my sleeve for baby nelson. although i'll probably need your help on how to cable knit.

let's schedule a knitting day? please? :)