Thursday, January 24, 2008


i just got back from the dentist. my mouth hurts.

this appointment was to set in place my permanent crown. when i sat down they told me that they don't do novacaine. (uhhh...excuse moi? pass that by me again?) i told them that i would prefer to have it and so they gave it to me. perhaps it was out of spite at having asked for it or perhaps his aim was off but the the area they worked on did not get numb. instead - the entire right side of my tongue is beyond numb as are the right halves of my lips. but not the tooth area. nope. not at all. felt everything they did. still do. and it hurts :(

not only that but my nose is raw. that hurts too. hmph.

oh - update on the previous post. i stupidly decided the finish the hat at work. i knew i should have waited until i got home where i wouldn't be distracted and in such a rush (to finish it before i left for the dentist). and i paid for it. the hat is..well...too big. granted chris has yet to try it on but yeah. too big. i'll wait to make a final judgment until he gets home but i think i may end up having to start it over. ah well - practice makes perfect, right?

and that's all for now. i'm going to change into comfy clothes and rest. i'm stuffed up and sore and feel like doing nothing :)


KeLL said...

Chris has a big will fit.

You should have asked for laughing gas! Yeah!

michelle said...

they don't have the gas option :( (i checked the first time)

it does technically fit but it just goes too low - it's because i added an additional 4 sts to the pattern because i'm using a size smaller needles (am i boring you yet?). so yeah. i started over this morning and am already part of the way done :)