Wednesday, January 9, 2008

you found

i got this idea here....

how did people manage to come across my blog? (the answers may suprise you...)

((evidently typing in these key words and phrases will land you here - at the perfectionist receptionist :)))

- "wrinkley eyelids" (great....)

- "dentist crowns"

- "i'm getting blurred vision"

- "worst receptionist of 2007" (really?? me?? thanks! i'd like to thank the following for making this honor possible....)

- "im going to throw up then im going to die" (pleasent..)

- "january 2008 dentist crowns complete profile"

- "blurred vision driving contacts"

how did people find you?


carrster said...

Mine are so boring:

"naturally optimistic"

"naturally optimistic blog minnesota"

"alex and sudhara"


"best friends" + "martha moody"

"healthy carb intake" (argh!!)

"three wise men from Gotham" (wtf?)

"underneat that"

"a group of singers of weblife" (???)

"Christmas card 'send/receive' list"

Molly said...

a certain slant of light
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one month anniversary poem
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will meet you in the other side